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Unexpected Trip To Grand Canyon While Heading Through Sedona Arizona

As we were headed to Sedona, AZ in the Motorhome we talked about it on the drive and decided we wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. So as soon as we arrived at the campground, we put the jacks down, put the slides out, and  then got in the car and headed to the Grand Canyon. On the way, we stopped at this town called Bedrock City, AZ for lunch. It was a cute place decorated like the Flintstones cartoon town so it was a fun place to stop along the way.

Then as we headed on to the Canyon, just as we got inside the park there were 2 elk walking across the road! We stopped and took some photos and then kept going. We walked around the rim of the Canyon  and then as we walked down a path, Daddy and Morgan found 4 more elk just walking around. As we headed down the paths we realized there were even more and one of them was a 10 point buck!

We watched them for about an hour as the buck rubbed his rack against a tree and the mother elk was nursing her babies. After we were done watching them, we went to look at the canyon more when we were headed back to the car we found 6 more elk! All standing right off  to the side of the path.

When we started our day, the drive was only going to be less than  1o0 miles in the motorhome and that would have been one of the shortest trips of the summer! But then, since we decided to go to the Grand Canyon in the car, it still ended up being 240 miles round trip because we ended up making another side trip to Sedona that night on the way home for dinner.

So by the end of the day when we arrived back to the motorhome at 10pm, the 100 miles in the motorhome turned into about a 400 mile day with a lot of unexpected adventure. Just the way we love it!

Wrapping Up Our Summer Travels

What a fun summer we have all had! But finally after 3,000 miles in the motorhome this  summer, we are worn out! And 3,000 miles is not even counting all of the car trips that were anywhere from 60 to 400 miles round trip.

After 5 months of summer we are  back  in our winter home in Quartzsite AZ and beginning to setup our site and pull out a lot of our favorite items from our trailer that we stored over the summer.

We started our summer in Needles, CA and traveled all the way up to WA. On the way we met up with so many friends and fulltime famlies along the way that it feels as if we have friends in every state. Also, this summer we made it to 3 new states: Utah, Idaho and Washington, bringing our total states visited to 33 or 34 I think. We are going to update our decal map soon, so we will know for sure.

This summer we did so many things and I have thousands of pictures to sort through and upload. Our adventures included fairs, amusement parks, museums, national parks, water parks and even the Grand Canyon and Sedona as our final two stops before arriving back in Quartzsite.

Now that we are back in Quartzsite for the winter I am excited to go back over all the pictures and will be working  on the blog to write up all the posts about our fabulous summer. Stay in touch and hope you enjoy!

Visiting With Dave Lakhani At Bruneau Dunes State Park

I had such a great time the other day at the Bruneau Dunes State Park with Dave Lakhani and his family.

We saw them earlier this summer and could hardly wait to see them on our return trip! I had so much fun playing with his daughter Austria again! We climbed up the dunes and rolled down, and even had races to see who could get up and down faster! After the dunes we went to the lake that is behind the dunes for a nice cool off after all of that climbing!

Three years ago we met Dave Lakhani at the Rockstar seminar in Las Vegas and when we took a photo together he had to get down on one knee so we would both be in the picture. LOL

Three years later look at us now:

This is why I love traveling, because we get to always meet up with friends and have fun like this with people who are important to us from all over the U.S.!

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