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minimulacsFor as long as we can remember, our parents have worked from home as Internet Marketers, coaches, and online business owners. Daddy used to have a job, but we barely remember him going to work – we only remember the day he quit and was able to stay home to “play with us” forever!

When we saw what Mommy and Daddy could do with websites, we decided to have our own event and came up with the idea for the Mommy’s Birthday firesale. We were only 4 and 6 years old when we did it and everyone tells us that we were the youngest Internet Marketers to ever do a firesale – all we know is that making $8200 in one week was pretty cool and it made everyone want to find out how we did it.

We even got to go up on stage at the World Internet Main Event and report our results in front of 500 people – but when our friend Paulie, the emcee asked me to share our “results” – I looked at him funny, because I didn’t know he meant to tell everyone how much money we had just made (I found out later that “results” meant MONEY – I thought it just meant FUN!) At the same event I did my first podcast with Mike Paetzold and Erik Stafford for the Mike and Erik Show – Mommy kept teasing me that I did a podcast before she ever did one!

Traveling across the U.S. in our Motorhome has been so exciting and we love attending events and getting to see our friends from around the world. There are so many people we have met, that it would be hard to remember them all here and not leave anyone out, but my BEST buddy is Simon Leung - and my sister wanted me to mention 100 other people – especially Max Action from LA – so that will make her happy! (But I know that Cynthia  & Dr. Porter, Lynn Rose, Mark Victor Hansen, Richelo, Manny & Vania, and Wyland are all her best buddies too – it just depends on who is in the room and what day it is! LOL)

I also won’t forget to mention that we were also known as “Sal’s Gals” and we made lots of money years ago as his his affiliate – see what I mean right here - so I didn’t want to leave him out for sure!

But “Sal’s Gal’s” soon turned into “Porter’s Princesses,” because in early 2009 we launched our biggest project yet with a very special man in our life – Dr. Patrick Porter. With him, we’ve helped hundreds of kids through the Enlightened Children’s Series – so please check it out while you’re here too!

We are excited to share our adventures on this blog and hope you enjoy spending time here!

Dream Big!
Marina Mulac
Morgan Mulac

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